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Medical Oxygen pack(Life Corporation)

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Line , Net & Weed Cutter ( From SPURS Marine USA)

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All types of Buoys/ Fenders(Including Yokohama & similar type)



Mooring Ropes

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RHIB(Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats)-Marine Equipment India


General : The rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB) is designed and constructed on the lines of a rescue boat but can be used as a work boat at sea. The five chamber air filled buoyancy tubes are glued to the hull. Even if three chambers deflate during operation, the boat with persons will remain afloat and make head-way. The boat can be fitted with a maximum of 40 HP outboard motor.

Boat Specifications : L x B x D = 4.20 x 1.70 x 0.60 mtrs. Carrying capacity = 8 persons. Empty boat weight = Approx. 150 kg.

Construction : The fiberglass rigid hull is made from good quality marine grade resin and glass fibers. Adequate longitudinal and transverse fiberglass stiffeners are provided for good structural strength. Air-tight buoyancy chambers below the floor make the boat unsinkable.

The inflatable collars provided around the boat is made of hypalon fabric and is abrasion resistant. There are five individual chambers. Each chamber is fitted with an inflation/deflation valve and an over-pressure relief valve. Rubbing strakes are affixed on the collar for protection against any side impact. Life lines are provided on both sides of the tube. Lifting handles and hand holds are also provided on the tubes.

Four stainless steel lifting eyes are provided to enable the boat to be launched and recovered using a crane or boat davit. There are three watertight compartments provided under the seats to store small boat equipment.

Accessories : A pair of paddles, bellows type pump, repair kit for the tubes.

Optional Items : Lifting slings, shackles and quick release hooks.

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